Features of the Distance Calculator

There are several features of the distance calculator that are of great importance to your business. Today, business requires high level of mobility for different reasons. In this age of internet shopping, knowing your area and understanding what the geography has in hold is very important. The distance calculator has different features that can be deployed to the benefit of your business.

It allows you to edit locations with ease. What you have to do is to select the data column and assign unique color marks. The calculator will create a map with clickable location types, and you will be able to see only want you to want. The data filter tool makes it easy to filter data points to be viewed as granularity on a single map.

You can use the radius and proximity tool to draw circles or drive time polygons in miles or kilometers. This can be done from any of your location. It is the tool that is suited for proximity analysis. With the drive time polygon tools, you can create a polygon in hours and minutes and then know how long you will take t move from point A to pint B.
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The route optimization tool help you to learn which the most efficient route between multiple locations. It is possible to tell the nearby places when you pair it with the proximity tool. You can plan a route that you to a location that you have loaded on the map. The territory making tool is made to help your optimize your profits. You can learn the routes that have more clients, client size, travel time and more other features.
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You can use the calculator to draw visual boundaries on the map. These could include cities, states, zip codes, districts, and territories. You can include census data, group data and other classes of data. You can then analyze trends and identify opportunities.

The demographic census overlays can aid you greatly in decision making. You can easily find the distance between two locations when you incorporate Google maps. This is very useful if you are thinking of expanding your market to the next nearest market.

These and other features are meant to be of use to your business. You can save fuel and time when you know the shortest route to any place. The calculator allows you to decide which locations are best suitable for your business and those that are not. You can rely on these tools to give useful information when making decisions. This means that you can easily get information and when you wish.