Reasons to Try Temporary Tattoos A lot of people appreciate the ink that others get on their bodies. The tattoos that people get are often permanent and some can look like very beautiful works of art. It is quite possible you are one of the thousands of people out there that admires ink and its beauty but struggle with the idea of something permanent on the body. It can be intimidating to contemplate something permanent on the body and people worry about having regrets. There are other ways that you can enjoy a tattoo without the permanence of an inked body part. There are temporary tattoos now that are beautifully done and really are only on you for a small number of days. There are no painful ink sessions to worry about and zero side effects to suffer through. There are companies that sell these in a wide variety of different designs and styles. Animals are very popular varieties in these designs and can be seen in many of them in different looks and colors. Some even offer custom temporary tattoos to feature your own private designs. Custom designs are anything from famous logos to sayings to things that are special to that person individually. People will find that there are a few kinds of temporary tattoos that they can choose from for application. The first type is called a stick-on tattoo and it is applied like a sticker is applied. They are easily washed off in one washing or when exposed to elements and they don’t last as long as others. Another kind of tattoo for temporary wear is a rub on tattoo and its application is done with water and pressure for thirty seconds to a full minute. This type of temporary tattoo is able to last longer than the sticker application and typically stay on for a few days and can withstand friction and elements better. The last kind is called a paint on tattoo these are put on the body with an artist that uses an airbrush or a paintbrush for application. Most people have encountered the paint-on method at carnivals, fairs, or special events. Anyone that wants to have an artist apply their ideal design will likely appreciate this type of application. Most artists that offer these are experienced and artistically talented and people getting one for the first time can rest assured that it will be as great as they imagine once it is done. A painted on temporary tattoo may stay on the skin and look vibrant for longer than a week and that may depend on the kind of paint applied to the skin. The above article highlights the reasons why people may want to try a temporary tattoo.Questions About Tattoos You Must Know the Answers To

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