Leaders of the World Leaders of the world have to consider peace in all their decisions on a daily basis. Some world leaders in disputed countries need to have peace in their nations while fortunate once need to keep it peaceful. Everyone of us should contribute to keeping the world peaceful, but the chunk of the burden is carried by our leaders.Some of the most crucial tasks is to build economic and social stability but they are always challenged by many factors.And that is not easy at all.Many issues can be affected by divisive factors such as race, gender, religion, and culture.Divisive aspects abound. Our leaders need support so they can deal with the divisive aspects properly. Many people can be considered world leaders like statesmen, heads of states, parliament members, governors mayors or even policemen.Some church leaders can be considered as world leaders, too.But some of them are corrupt and are using their place in society to their benefit to the expense of others.
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Despondently, there are a lot of corrupt world leaders today.These corrupt people may be brilliant but they are not designed to serve the public and the country.Then, what makes a perfect world leader?
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Potential world leaders should be a combination of lovely, decent, commendable and clean. Those who are considered pure leaders have clean conscience and morality.Charming leaders are easily loved and liked by the people.They should possess the highest esteem.They usually doing good things for the public. Good leaders should have the following traits. Integrity If a person is not honest, he or she should not be a leader.Leaders should be truthful to the core.Despite being honest, there are easy ways to break it like hypocrisy. This is the reason why integrity should be safeguarded.This means the person must be honest inside and out.This entails the honesty of a person on the inside and not just the outside appearance.Meaning what you are in public is also the same in private.That you behave based on your deep seated values.You keep your words.Integrity is achieved by consistent practice of one’s values and beliefs. Sometimes, it can cause inconveniences.People, by nature commit mistakes.But through practice, people can be trustworthy.Dishonesty equals distrust.Leaders are captivated by a sense of purpose and they make decisions based on that. Vision is important because it gives leaders a picture of the future that they wanted to commit to.A passionate leader believes in goals that he so much believes up to the core.Good leaders have great sense of vision. Leaders are not ashamed of showing their concern.Successful leaders are happy about the good fortune of others.They don’t take for granted the people who help them achieve goals. There is no way they will use others for their own benefits. Leaders who are meant to succeed work hard to unleash their full potential.