Tips for Effective Use of Dog Flea Preventatives

Dog flea infestation can be disastrous, affecting the health and happiness of your pet. That’s the reason for owners responding fast to give their loved pets effective dog fleas treatment.

Below is how you can make sure you’re giving your pet the right dog fleas med every time:

Weight Brackets
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Ascertain to offer your dog flea therapy that’s designed for its weight range. If you give your dog medication that’s meant for a lower weight range, you risk the medication being ineffective, and in turn, a waste of money. On the other hand, administering medication produced for pets of a higher weight range could bring harm on your pet.
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Administer the Appropriate Medication for your Pet Species

Always treat your dog using the best dog flea medicine. A flea treatment designed for dogs may be hazardous to cats. In case you need help figuring out the right species for your preferred flea treatment, consult your vet concerning it.

Observe any Adverse Response

After you’ve given your dog any flea medication, monitor it for any indication of adverse reaction. That’s very critical to do when it’s the first time you’re offering your pet a certain brand or type of treatment. Because oral flea meds are linked with the highest possibility of ill effects, close monitoring is needed when they’re given to dogs. Some of the signs to watch include nervousness, swollen skin, and diarrhea. If your dog experiences excessive itchiness (as expressed through constant scratching) or any other abnormal behavior right after it’s been given a flea drug, that’s a red flag too. Make sure to inform your vet as well as the drug maker about all adverse effects you’ve seen soonest possible.

Adhere to Product Use Instructions

For starters, select a flea treatment that the EPA recognizes and the EPA accepts. Review the entire product label, and that entails the vet label and the label on the packaging. After having grasped the label instructions, be sure to stringently observe them. Apply the medicine as direct in every single aspect, including dosage and the time interval directed. The only time you may not follow manufacturer instructions is when your vet is suggesting otherwise.

Minimize Exposure to Flea Attack

Begin with examining your home compound and treat it to ascertain it’s no safe haven for fleas. Secondly, see to it that your dog does not go to places like woods, tall grass, and bushes that are prone to fleas. Finally, inspect your pet every day, particularly if it’s been out in the woods.

Use of the right dog flea meds is important to the effective elimination of an infestation. But proper use of any dog flea medication as important as making the right selection.