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Month: January 2019

Make 2019 Your Safest Year Ever Out On The Roads

Great news! Fatalities due to accidents on roads in the UK are decreasing, and we are close to having the lowest fatality rate in many years.

However, numerous people are still dying every year on our roads, and it is shown by the statistics that heavy goods vehicles get into many of these accidents. That is especially true on more single track, rural roads, where there are numerous accidents that occur each year (both non-HGV and HGV related), and around 60 to 80 deaths. We would like to help get that number reduced this year by sharing 5 tips with you for HGV licence renewal and on how responsible HGV drivers can help to prevent accidents out on UK roads.

Remain In Control

The driver losing control is one of the main things that causes HGV related accidents. There are several different reasons why a driver may lose control of their vehicle, and they are not all their fault. A huge role is played by the weather, from driving in the rain to snow ice and fog. All of that makes it hard for drivers to see clearly and tyres to grip the road. The driver may be at fault in some of this loss of control – from reacting poorly to other drivers to distractions. Since many causes are out of the driver’s control, the best thing that we can recommend is that you make sure your vehicle is serviced and well maintained, since the small things such as efficient lights, wipers, and brakes can actually save your life.

Always Be Aware

HGVs are bulky, large vehicles. This means it is often hard to know what is occurring at all points on your vehicle, particularly when the blind spots are around 5 times larger than an average car. … Read More ...

The Best Day Trips From London

The majority of people use London as a base when exploring other exciting historic locations across the UK.If you are planning on visiting London, add a short weekend break to your itinerary and find cheap deals for day tours from the city of London.

1. Stonehenge Tours

The day trip travelling to Stonehenge from London focuses entirely on the iconic prehistoric monument. You can walk in the footsteps of our Neolithic ancestors at Stonehenge – a monument with a history spanning over 4,000 years. Discover the mystery of the unique rock formation as you learn about the various theories surrounding it. Regardless of whether it was a burial ground or a religious site, it is one of the most magnificent masterpieces in engineering.

2. Windsor

Take a wander through the quaint stores in Windsor, hop onto an open-top bus tour, enjoy a boat trip along the Thames, and the visit the Queen’s official residence – Windsor Castle.

Steeped in history, Windsor Castle can be found perched on the luscious wooded hills overlooking the Thames River. Dating back to the reign of the Norman King, the landscaped gardens and turreted Round Tower make it easy to see why the Queen uses it as her favourite residence.

3. Bath

As another day trip alternative, why not pursue an excursion to the Roman city of Bath? For larger groups, you can easily hire a minibus for this tour for which you a standard driving licence will suffice and you do not need an HGV licence. This trip includes a visit to the Botanical Gardens, Bath Abbey, the Roman Baths and the Jane Austen Centre.

Containing the UK’s only hot spring, the Romans constructed an outstanding temple and bathing complex in this area that continues to flow with natural hot water. The extensive … Read More ...

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