The majority of people use London as a base when exploring other exciting historic locations across the UK.If you are planning on visiting London, add a short weekend break to your itinerary and find cheap deals for day tours from the city of London.

1. Stonehenge Tours

The day trip travelling to Stonehenge from London focuses entirely on the iconic prehistoric monument. You can walk in the footsteps of our Neolithic ancestors at Stonehenge – a monument with a history spanning over 4,000 years. Discover the mystery of the unique rock formation as you learn about the various theories surrounding it. Regardless of whether it was a burial ground or a religious site, it is one of the most magnificent masterpieces in engineering.

2. Windsor

Take a wander through the quaint stores in Windsor, hop onto an open-top bus tour, enjoy a boat trip along the Thames, and the visit the Queen’s official residence – Windsor Castle.

Steeped in history, Windsor Castle can be found perched on the luscious wooded hills overlooking the Thames River. Dating back to the reign of the Norman King, the landscaped gardens and turreted Round Tower make it easy to see why the Queen uses it as her favourite residence.

3. Bath

As another day trip alternative, why not pursue an excursion to the Roman city of Bath? For larger groups, you can easily hire a minibus for this tour for which you a standard driving licence will suffice and you do not need an HGV licence. This trip includes a visit to the Botanical Gardens, Bath Abbey, the Roman Baths and the Jane Austen Centre.

Containing the UK’s only hot spring, the Romans constructed an outstanding temple and bathing complex in this area that continues to flow with natural hot water. The extensive ruins and treasures found under the spring are thousands of years old; however, their beauty has been preserved using modern interpretation.

4. Oxford

Day trips to Oxford from London are regularly available, allowing people to experience the historic academic city, which is only one hour from the capital city. When at Oxford, one should visit the Ashmolean Museum, the Sheldonian Theatre, the Bodleian Library and Christ Church College via one of the open-top bus tours.

5. Paris

Irrespective of whether you are looking at a day at the Arc de Triomphe or Eiffel Tower, a shopping excursion for Parisian fashion, or a relaxing time at a French cafe – Paris is one of the best day-trip destinations. Enjoy a tour of Paris’ most romantic sights on your day trip from London, then return home using the Eurostar inclusive tickets.

6. Afternoon Tea at the Lake District

Partake in an action-filled guided tour to the Lake District winding through country roads and villages. You are then sent to Lake Windermere via a bus where you can choose a cruise along the largest lake in England before moving along to the village of Hawkshead. The guided tour ends in Lindeth Howe, the family home of author Beatrix Potter, where you can enjoy cream tea. The duration of this tour is thirteen hours and twenty-five minutes.

7. The Cotswolds

View idyllic villages, gorgeous limestone houses, rolling green hills, stunning gardens and traditional pubs on one of the most enjoyable weekend trips from London. It is recommended that you keep your camera at your side during this tour of the Cotswolds as the market towns are ideal for gentle, picturesque strolls.

8. Stratford-Upon-Avon

Take one of the day trips from London to Stratford-upon-Avon, and you will find yourself in Shakespeare country, where one of the most well-known playwrights was born and raised. Head through the town and explore its happenings using an open-top bus tour, hopping off at William Shakespeare’s family home en route.

9. Leeds Castle

Make your way through 500 acres of parkland and over 1,000 years of history at Leeds Castle. The day trip to Leeds Castle from London includes several stops at the White Cliffs of Dover and Canterbury. It is also possible to reach the castle using a boat ride along the river Thames from Greenwich to the Embankment Pier.

10. Canterbury

Are you interested in the medieval city of Canterbury? Then why not head off on a day trip to this city from London? Don’t forget to view the historical site of Canterbury Cathedral.

The centre of English Christianity and home to a succession of over 100 Archbishops, Canterbury is one of the most beautiful medieval cities in all the history books. Here you can discover the scene of Thomas Becket’s murder in 1170 at the Canterbury Cathedral, then marvel at the Cathedral’s stained glass windows dating back to the early 13th century.